Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pebblers' Update

Our fundraising efforts over the last few months have been very successful. Many people have been very generous in their donations, allowing us to meet our goal for installing Phase 1 of the project.

After visiting a couple of stone yards, and soliciting quotes from several excavators and installers, we have settled on a manufactured paving stone product from Stone-link. Thanks to an introduction from landscape architect Sheila Murray, we were given a very good price, and excellent service. The excavator/installer that we have hired has worked with this product for over 10 years, and has made two site visits to the island. He and his partner even rode down to see the finished mosaic on borrowed bikes!

Jerry Englar has done more site drawings as the project developed, with the result that there will be more landscape/garden space than initially intended. Planting will be done in the spring, along with the addition of benches. Please see the attached site plan.

With co-ordination help from Warren Hoselton and City Parks, all the materials and supplies are scheduled to arrive on the Island on Friday morning. Phase 1 involves the excavation of the entire area directly in front of the WIA clubhouse, with Parks removing the old sidewalks and soil for landfill. The area under the paving stones and the mosaic will be filled, allowing for appropriate drainage. A concrete pad will be poured for under the mosaic itself. Then the paving stones will be laid, and, most exciting of all, the willow mosaic.

Depending on the weather, the process will take approximately two weeks.

We are very excited, and nervous, about the realization of this project that we have been working on since January 2010.

And then there's Phase 2! Over the winter we will make the 16 wave squares needed to complete the border on the parking lot side of the project. Penny will be working in a spare bedroom, and I will be in my home studio. If any of you are interested in making another square please let us know, and we will work out the timing. We also need more of those island pebbles – the greys, creams and pink granites – so don't forget your buckets when you take those walks on the beaches.

If there is any money left from Phase 1, we plan to put it towards rebuilding the landing stage, and more paving stones. And the installation of all those squares that you made last winter.

Thank you all for your ongoing support,
Kathleen Doody
Penny Lawler
Jerry Englar

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