Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pebblers’ Progress

Once again “Pebblers” rose to the fundraising challenge and brought the Mosaic Project $3,095 in raffle ticket sales and donations over the weeks before and during Gala Day weekend. Well done, all! A special recognition goes to Sheila Murray who sold over $1,500 worth of raffle tickets. Sheila gives new meaning to the word “persuasive”!  One of her clients, Marion Soloway, with $300 worth of tickets, won the beautiful Kathleen Doody pebble mosaic donated for the draw.  It’s always good to have these two on your team – thanks, Kathleen and Sheila.

Thanks also goes to April Hickox for printing Jerry’s new watercolour of the Landing Stage and getting the prints ready for Gala Day, Mary-Ann Haney (and her wonderful secretary, Grace) and Marie Metcalfe for managing the raffle tickets, Gaye Jackson for setting up the Gala Day table and getting the volunteers and all those wonderful other volunteers who worked the Mosaic Project table over Gala Day weekend: Marci Crist, Liz McClelland, Ann Lacey, Lisa Cristinzo from GP Artscape, Charlotte deHeinrich, Anne Bourne and Barbara Dresner. Many “Pebblers” also sold tickets.  Medals all around!  If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know.

We now have almost $15,000 in the project account for site prep, paving, and installation of the mosaic (the landing Stage restoration money is separate from this amount). An anonymous donor has offered a large incentive to our Willow Square fundraising efforts. Every dollar that we raise through donations or sales will be matched by the same amount donated by the donor, up to $5000. So, if you buy a print of one of Jerry Englar's gorgeous watercolours of the proposed Square for $125, it will result in $250 going into the fund to install the mosaic this fall. Spread the word!

We are awaiting quotes to determine the additional amount needed to get the mosaic and its paving surround installed in front of the WIA.  We probably need at least another $10,000 to complete Stage 1 but thanks to the generosity from so many Islanders and other supporters and this recent initiative, we are much closer to our goal. You Pebblers Rock!

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