Materials needed

The central pebble mosaic has been completed, and was installed in October 2011. Thanks to ongoing community donations and support, Phase 2 was also installed, in July 2012.

Work yet to be done includes the restoration and installation of the historic Landing Stage at the east end of Phase 2. The City of Toronto is overseeing, and financing, this part of the project.

The gardens have been planted with paperbark maples, shrubs and perennials by a dedicated team of gardeners. More will be planted as donations come in. Please contact Jerry if you are thinning perennials in your garden and have some to offer to the Square.

We recently received a much-needed donation of 100' of hose, with reel, to keep the new plants watered in this hot, dry summer.

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  1. We received 10 plastic milk crates from Emily Fulton. They're great for sorting the pebbles because they're strong, have holes for drainage and stack.

    We could use some more if anyone has some.