Fundraising Thermometer
Phase II is underway.
Thanks for your support!
We have completed the installation of both Phase 1 and Phase 2, and the Willow Square is looking great. Now we need to fill the planting beds with trees, shrubs and perennials, and add seating.
We still need and appreciate your support!

Click the paypal link here and you will be guided through the process.

Each donation, no matter how big or small  takes us a step closer to our goals.

Thank you so much!

Penny, Kathleen and Jerry


Buy a Print - support the cause!
Limited Edition prints by Jerry Englar, Kathleen Doody and Barbara Klunder.

Printed on Archival water color paper in editions of seventy five.

Introductory price is
$125.00 each
To purchase a print please contact April Hickox at

Illustration by Kathleen Doody and Barbara Klunder 11 x 11"

Illustration: Jerry Englar 17 x 18"

Illustration: Jerry Englar 9.5 x 24"
Fundraising Thermometer
Phase One complete!