We have reached our goal for the installation of Phase 2 of Willow Square, thanks to many generous donations. However, funds are still needed for trees, shrubs and other plants for the new beds, as well as for benches. Thank you for your continued support.


The Pebble Mosaic / Willow Square Project was made possible through the countless volunteer hours of over 100 Islanders and friends, as well as through their continuing monetary donations.

Thank you to all of you – it’s been an amazing achievement.

Corporate Sponsors
Island Public School Lighthouse Foundation  
Landing Stage Restoration Fund/Fulton family
Loblaw’s Greening Our Communities
Nikita Films
Rectory Café
Toronto Island Café
Toronto Island Garden Fund
Ward’s Island Recreational Association

And thanks also for the in-kind donations and discounts from:
Abcan Construction/Lloyd Hodder
Artscape Gibraltar Point
Church of St. Andrew-by-the-Lake
City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation
Connon, Humber, Putzer’s and Sheridan nurseries
Stone-Link paving stones
TradeWinds International Sales/ Caroline de Vries

A very special thanks to Maggy Howarth of Cobblestone Designs, England, for her inspiration, guidance, and teaching of the art of pebble mosaics, as well as for the two weeks 
working with us to help create the willow mosaic.

Anonymous (3)
Mary Anderson & Bruce Rosensweet    
Dean Arthur & Cheryl Degras
Mary & Michael Bain
Barnett family
Julie Bates
Paul Bennett & Catherine Olsen
Jim Belisle & Sheila Murray-Belisle
Bob & Mary Buck
Olivia Chow
Mary Margaret Crapper
Enid Cridland
Cube Jazz

 Lynne Cunningham 
Jennifer Dales
Jean & Ted Danniels
Don Darroch & Sandy Wood
Michael Davey
Jane Davidson-Neville
Kathleen deBruyne & David Lippett
Anne Deluce
Barbara Dresner
Catherine Farley
Alec Farquhar & Kathleen McDonnell
Lorraine Filyer
Jane Foster
Bill Freeman
Peter Freeman & Maura McIntyre
Lorraine Fry
Ian Fyfe
Brooke Gibson
Nupur Gogia
Inta Gravlejs
Daina Green
Marjorie Haney
Mary-Ann Haney
Morris Hill
Nancy Jackson
Zsuzsu Keleman
Bill Kime & Laura Shepherd
Anne Kotyk
Gail & Jack Labonte-Smith
Penny Lawler
Alison Lawler-Dean
Alex MacFarlane & Linda Dolar
Jacquey Malcolm
Ron & Pam Mazza
Liz McClelland
McGuire family
Andrew McHaffie & Alison Sterry
Marilyn McHugh
Alix McLaughlin
Sarah Miller
Eliza Moore
Peter Newman 
Peter Noy
Joe & Lucie Pal
Jeannie Parker     
Mary Partridge
Doryne & Andy Peace
David & Tery Pellettier
Jennifer Pernfuss
Emilio Rodriguez-Marin
Jana Roerick
Susan Roy
Marion Soloway
Sandbar Sisters
David Stearn & Carol Tait
Bill Roede
Rick Simon
Paul & Sharon Stephens
Bob & Dalia Tanner
Andrea Thomas
Caroline Underwood
Annette VanLeeuwen      
Bill Ward
Bruce Weber
Meg Wilson


Project Coordinators
Kathleen Doody
Jerry Englar
Penny Lawler

Board of Directors/Fund Raising Group
Mary Anderson
Lorraine Filyer
Mary-Ann Haney
April Hickox
Gaye Jackson
Pam Mazza
Liz McClelland
Marie Metcalfe
Susan Roy
Sylvia Sweeney

Blogger extraordinaire
Allyson Woodrooffe

Uber Pebblers/Workshop Leaders
Maggy Howarth (Pebbler Maven)
Kathleen Doody (Advanced Pebbler)
Penny Lawler (Underpebbler)
Sylvia Tulloch (Queen of Cement Mixing)

Anne Barber
Anne Bourne
Yuula Benivolski
Dawn Brennan
Betsy Canfield
Manuel Cappel
Robin Christmas
Michael Christmas
Marci Crist
Lisa Cristinzo
Charlotte deHeinrich
Alastair Dickson
Barb Dresner
Leida Englar
Catherine Farley
Faye and Russell Fenton (the littlest pebblers)
Mitch Fenton
Lorraine Filyer
Fran Ford
Joey Gladding
Tanya Golden
Mary-Ann Haney
Janet Heisey
April Hickox
Jacqueline Holger
Nancy Jackson
Cindy Jones
Barbara Klunder
Ann Lacey
David Lippett
Jacquey Malcolm
Pam Mazza
Liz McClelland
Kathleen McDonnell
Martha Farquhar McDonnell
Karen McKinnell
Kiloran McRae
Marie Metcalfe
Karen Morch
Sheila Murray-Belisle
Linda Rosenbaum
Susan Roy
Shelagh Saunders
Kate Shepherd
Laura Shepherd
Trish Small
Carol Tait
Judy Temporale
Aina Tilups
Kate Tucker
Annette VanLeeuven
Ella Webber
Allyson Woodrooffe    

Head Gardeners
Jerry Englar (#1 Planner & Gardener)
 Grahame Beakhust
Leida Englar
Sheila Murray-Belisle
Iain Robertson

Assistant Gardeners
Dean Arthur
Bella Beazur
Dwight Chalmers
Peter Dean
Alastair Dickson
Peter Freeman
Lorraine Fry
Halyna Godzyk
Risto Hartikainen
Alex Heit (#1 waterer)
Roman Heit
John Jackman
Ann Lacey
Barry Lipton
Maura McIntyre 
Luisa Milan
David Pellettier
Madeleine Ray
James Smith
Sylvia Sweeney
Carol Tait 

Bulb Planters
Sheila Murray-Belisle (Bulb Maven)
Bella Beazer
Jim Belisle
Anne Bourne
Barbara Dresner
Jerry & Leida Englar
Frannie Ford
Peter Freeman
Maeve Freeman-McIntyre
Zorah Freeman-McIntyre
Tyler Ganton
Barbara Klunder
Karen McKinnell
Nina Nakajima
Paul Nelson
Doryne Peace
Lynn Purves
Madeleine Ray
Linda Rosenbaum
Laura Shepherd
Laurel Smith
Carol Tait
Judie Temporale
Allyson Woodrooffe

Landing Stage
Frank Horn
Bruce Smith

Videography and Photography
Jim Belisle
Kathleen Doody
Julia Pepler
Vivian Pitcher
Sean Tamblyn
Sylvia Tulloch

Carey West
Sandy Wood
Allyson Woodrooffe

These lists are ongoing - if your name was missed please let us know where it should go!

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In order to make this project a reality we need to raise a lot of money.

The 12' diameter, community-created pebble mosaic and the smaller mosaics done in the schools are part of a larger creation. They will be surrounded by a piazza encompassing both the area in front of the Ward's Island clubhouse as well as the space now covered by asphalt on the other side of the sidewalk to the beach. The site needs to be surveyed, excavated, filled and covered with paving stones. There will be new seating, landscaping, and a drinking fountain. The historic landing stage that formerly welcomed visitors to the island on the Eastern Gap will be rebuilt and installed in this new piazza.

We will need approximately $50,000 for the entire project. We are continuing to apply for funding and grants from government and arts agencies and are looking for corporate donors. There are also various other initiatives, including the sale of prints of the site and the mosaic. A small fundraising committee has been established to spearhead these efforts.

There was money raised ten years ago for the landing stage renewal that was never used and has been made available to us from Emily Fulton, and the Shepherd/Kimes have generously donated proceeds from their recent yard sale. We are very fortunate to have an in-kind donation from the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts of studio space over the winter for making the mosaics.

If anyone has any ideas for further fundraising or donations please let us know.

Thanks to total donation from the Shepherd Kimes, we were able to make a few purchases:
• fantastic grey and white speckled granite pebbles from a stone yard in Bolton
• a pressurized water sprayer for soaking the pieces prior to casting them
• a used wet saw, excellent for cutting both the patio stones for the piazza and slate for the pebble mosaic

We need to purchase pebbles to give us a variety of colours and shapes that are not available on the Island. It is much more economical to purchase them by the ton, and we will need to get a quantity of black, white, warm reds and yellows as well as more of the speckled granites.

We have applied to the Trillium Foundation for financial assistance for the whole project, as well as to the Ontario Arts Council for funding for the workshops in the Montessori and Island Public Schools. We won't hear if we are successful until later in the fall, meanwhile we need to order the pebbles soon, as there is an eight-week wait for delivery after the order is placed. We'd like to begin the workshops in October or November in the schools, and December at Gibraltar Point.

Unfortunately, we were not successful in our Trillium Foundation application. That grant request included costs for not only designing and making the 12' diameter pebble mosaic which will be the centrepiece, but also for excavation, filling and paving the site, restoration of the historic landing stage as well as seating and landscaping. So now we're scrambling for funds.

We need $10,000 to $15,000 to proceed with the pebble mosaic itself. The WIA has budgeted $2000 for the project which will allow us to begin to purchase some pebbles. With the $500 from Laura Shepherd and Bill Kime we bought a used wet saw, some lovely speckled granite pebbles, and various smaller pieces of necessary equipment.

We have the studio space at Gibraltar Point this winter and I would like to make good use of this. If anyone has any access to funding, or knows where we might apply, please let me know as soon as possible. Meanwhile, keep collecting pebbles from our beaches. We'll get together soon to talk about plans for the workshops.

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  1. Another $20 came in from the Shepherd Kime yardsale.

    We made our first purchase last week of some gorgeous grey speckled granite "longs" from a stoneyard in Bolton.