Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maggy is coming!

Final design of main section of WIA mosaic
Maggy Howarth of Cobblestone Designs is coming from England to the Island to help and guide us as we begin work on the central mosaic. We are very excited about having her work with us during the "Big Push". We will try to get as many pieces of the mosaic finished as possible before we have to vacate our studio in the middle of April. Maggy arrives March 25 and will be with us for two weeks.

The plans are complete, the pebbles have arrived from Indonesia and China, 50 people have taken our workshops and we are keen to begin. The mosaic will be 12' in diameter and is divided into 26 pieces. This will allow us to build the mosaic piece by piece in the workshop until it is completed, cured and ready to be installed in the new square in front of the Ward's Island Association clubhouse.

Please join us at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts. Contact Penny Lawler if you would like to be added to our workshop roster.

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