Friday, January 28, 2011

Over 40 squares and counting ....

We've now had four workshops and have started over 40 people on the way to becoming pebble mosaic artists. Those of you who have not yet seen our studio at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, please come and see all the squares lined up and curing.

And now the workshop leaders need a little break, both to concentrate on finalizing the design and getting the central mosaic started, and to collect more pebbles. The beaches are not really "ripe for picking" right now, but when (if?) the weather gets milder, we could use some help collecting those long greys and flat creams and pinks. If we can increase our pebble supply in the next few weeks we can run another workshop later in February. There are almost 10 people on the waiting list.

Anyone that has taken a workshop is welcome to come back to the studio and make another square anytime, as long as we don't need the moulds for a workshop. It's good practice to do another one. We will need almost 80 squares to form a border around the rebuilt Landing Stage and we're over half-way there. Kathleen could be available in the studio between Saturdays and Tuesdays to help get you started, and Penny plans to spend 2-3 days/week there once she returns from warmer climates in March.

You're also welcome to do one for your own garden. We just ask that you contribute the pebbles and the cost of the grout used. Hopefully you'll be keen enough to work on the central mosaic when we get started on that.

Thanks for your enthusiasm,
Kathleen and Penny

Photos by Jim Belisle

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