Saturday, October 16, 2010

Upcoming Meeting

It is difficult to find a time when something else isn't happening on the Island. Tomorrow there's the WIA AGM, and next Sunday the annual apple pie bake-off.

So let's get together on Sunday Oct 24 at 2 pm, after you've delivered your pie, if you're into that, and before the announcement of the winners and the tastings at 4 pm (which I'm into). Both the Shaw House and the WIA (because of pies) are unavailable, so we'll meet at my house, 9 Channel Ave, Ward's Island. Please let me know if you are coming so I have an idea of numbers.

We need to talk about the introductory workshop, what is involved and what is needed. The plan is for each of you to make a 12" square mosaic to begin to learn the technique before we start on the community mosaic. We can look at the pebbles collected to date, and if you bring along a bucket we can head to the beach so you can get a chance to start collecting your own pebbles.

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