Monday, June 25, 2012


Photo: Kathleen Doody
It doesn't look like much now, but . . .

We are amazed, grateful, in awe of our neighbours and friends. We are there. Together we have raised the $14,000 that we need to install the second half of the Willow Square. 

City Parks has moved the concrete pavers from the former parking lot across from the WIA, relocating them to the field until they can be installed. The cuts have been made in the existing asphalt, and tomorrow or Wednesday the asphalt will begin to come up. The installation crew can come next week and begin to further excavate, fill, and lay the paving stones. We booked them on faith, and hope, for the first week of July, wishing to have the Square ready for Gala weekend, and now we can go ahead. Thanks to our donors.

The area will be kept as neat as possible while Phase 2 is under construction, and there will be paved access to the clubhouse from the north (ferry dock) side. However, there will be some inconvenience to people, especially with wheeled vehicles. There will be a slight drop from the sidewalk to the sand along Withrow for about a week. The installation crew will install the "road" area first.

Thank you. Keep checking the blog for photos and updates as the work progresses.

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