Monday, June 20, 2011

Sherry on the Rocks! - Update

Hello Pebblers:

"Sherry on the Rocks" was a lovely event, and there was an excellent turnout. People were very interested in the project, and, even though it was intended primarily as an information event, over $2000 was raised. There were prints for sale of Jerry's watercolours of the site plan, as well as of the mosaic design, and raffle tickets for a 2' diameter mosaic. Prints and tickets are still available for sale; the raffle winner will be announced on Gala Day.

We have added a "Donate" button to our blog, and donations can be made directly to the Project bank account through PayPal. There is even a thermometer to show our progress!

The next stage of the project is to raise funds so that we can have the area surveyed, excavated, filled, paved and the mosaic installed. And then landscaped. We may need to complete the project in two stages: first the area in front of the WIA clubhouse, hopefully this fall, followed by the parking lot/garbage transfer site. A large corporate donation would be very helpful to realize our dream.

Many thanks to the organizers of Sherry on the Rocks, to all of you who contributed, and to Allyson for her ongoing work on the blog.


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