Friday, April 8, 2011

Progress Report

photo by Sylvia Tulloch

It was Maggy's last full day with us in the studio yesterday, and with a great group of pebblers we accomplished a lot. Three more pieces were cast and are ready to be turned out today, but I couldn't wait to show you what we've been up to. After recruiting Jaimie from his studio done the hall, we moved all the completed pieces and assembled them as they will be eventually in the new Ward's Square. Heavy work, but with the help of our trusty dolly and Maggy's "mosaic walking" technique, we manoeuvred them into position. It was so exciting to see the mosaic as it will be. Much better than Photoshop!

Laura Shepherd with help from Naomi and Gaye did a massive sorting, weighing and bagging of piles of pebbles: we have labelled bags to work from, the studio looks great and we now have bags of black pebbles for sale. They are ones that can't be used for mosaics because of being the wrong shape, too large or too small, or cracked, but they would be perfect for garden paths, or around a pond. They are packed in 25kg bags and will cost $15/bag. Please let me know if you are interested in buying them before we have to move the studio at the end of the month.

We started two new pieces, which will bring the total to 17 of the 27 total mosaic pieces completed at the end of this two week period. Thanks to all of you who have moved bags, sorted pebbles, assembled the moulds, laid in the pebbles, mixed and cast the grout and concrete, disassembled the moulds and baked the cakes we have really accomplished a lot. We can still use a lot of help in the next few weeks and Penny will be drawing up a new schedule.

Everyone has been great, but Sylvia has really been stellar and deserves a special thanks.


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