Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WIA Community Pebble Mosaic Ideas Meeting

June 7, 2010

About a dozen people came together to learn about the project and to exchange ideas. Many more declined because of scheduling conflicts. If you would like to be notified of future mosaic activities, please send your name and email address to kathleendoody@rogers.com We have also started a blog at with updated information about the progress of the project.

As it is currently envisioned, the pebble mosaic will be 12’ in diameter and be situated about 8’ in front of the main entrance to the WIA clubhouse. The circle will represent “The Island”, with a border of a water pattern and island images in the centre. We talked about including island animals, birds, fish, insects, trees, toads both ambulatory and flying, swans, geese, bikes, bike carts, music, skating, baseball, soccer, stilts, lanterns, fire, celestial bodies. Now we just have to make it look good. And raise some money!

We would like to get the design finalized over the summer and early fall so that workshops can begin in the late fall and winter. Installation is planned for the spring of 2011.

Drawings by Jerry Englar

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